Maximum reduction

We eliminate plastics and reduce the use of paper.

Service information and rates available via QR code

Surveys via QR code

Apps to keep our residents informed

Shared folders on the server

Two-sided printing

Reusing one-sided printed paper

We clean clotheswithout dirtying the planet

Using green, water-soluble capsules and Ecolabel detergents

Grease catch can to avoid groundwater leaks

We subtract to keep on adding

Reducing waste generation, rubbish sorting, and management

Biodegradable rubbish bags and adapting carts for different bags to take advantage of all their contents.

Reducing food waste

Zero single use policy: using family-sized self-service products: sauces, spices, oils, condiments...

Jaso ta Jan Programme

We provide lunches when they can’t be consumed in the school canteen for different reasons.

Everything revolves around the sun

100% renewable energy through solar panels

Think globally, act locally

80% of all purchasing comes from local suppliers

95% of investments made with local suppliers

Km 0 is the criteria we follow whenever we can

Eating seasonal foods is encouraged

50% of menus are based on organic and/or local products

Internal promotions

Policy based on a circular economy that focuses on:

Recovering and restoring old furnitureRecycling and reusing electrical device componentsGiving a second life to disused products through local agencies: furniture, appliances, etc.

We also protect the working environment

68% of the team are women

60% of leadership and management positions are held by women

Hiring through institutions that encourage the social insertion of individuals

Medical examinations for employees, including cancer scans and mammograms

Special prices in the canteen

Internal promotions

Talks, debates, and conferences to prevent, advise, and raise awareness about risk situations:

Suicide preventionSexual and gender-based harassment protocolEating disorders

8,000 kilometres away, yet so close

Yuwa is an NGO operating in Jharkhand, one of India’s poorest regions. Since its creation in 2009, they have been working to fight child marriage, human trafficking, and illiteracy.

Together with Real Sociedad, we started a coach training programme for a group of female students in Yuwa in 2016. Olarain collaborated from the start to facilitate accommodation (there have now been more than three visits to the city through the Donosti Cup) and helps to do everything possible to guarantee that the training project is a success each year.

For us, Yuwa represents the spirit of Olarain: the hospitality and future of our young people, those close to home and those living 8,000 kilometres away.

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